YOU GUYS!!!!  I’ve found the next best cookie in NYC!  Culture Espresso is killing it with their chocolate chip cookies freshly homemade throughout the course of the day.  AHHHHH!!!!!  That’s how I felt when I first bit in to this crunchy yet underbaked gooey goodness.  They come warm and the outer layer is slightly crunchy while the inside is soft and oozing with melted chocolate.  Generous in size, I honestly had vocals with every bite.  The amount of chocolate dispersed in the cookie was chock-full.  Located in midtown near Bryant Park, this place is a MUST in the Manhattan cookie world.  I’ll be back for as many as I can eat!


Warm up with Chocolate Bread Pudding


It might resemble a slice of pie, but this chocolate bread pudding at El Vez is nothing in comparison.  The pudding is pipping hot and filled with chocolate. The top of the slice was a bit crunchy which I loved because I enjoy a little crunch and chocolate was everywhere!  The bread is definitely pudding in texture, soft and melting in your mouth.  There was a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream


Red Velvet Cake Cookie


When you walk into Sugar and Plumm restaurant on the Upper West Side in Manhattan it is like walking into a dessert heaven. There are cookies, cakes, sundaes, milkshakes, macaroons, chocolates…you name a dessert, it’s there! One thing caught our eye immediately which was a red velvet cookie. Red Velvet is one of our favorite flavors of cake so a cookie version was a must try item. The thick cookie was about 4″ in diameter with


Travels with Blondie…Nielson’s Frozen Custard


Nielson’s Frozen Custard transports a guest back in time. When you enter into the shop there is a 1950s vibe from the decor, to the menu, to the striped uniforms employees wear. Nielson’s custard is made in house throughout the whole day. They use natural ingredients, rich eggs and real dairy cream. The result is a tremendously thick custard that is full of flavor, melting in your mouth. I decided to order their famous concrete. There were many mix-in candies, nuts, and sauces to choose from, but I went


Travels with Blondie… Swig in Utah!

IMG_6850 IMG_7008

A good cookie might be my very favorite dessert. If you top that cookie with a layer of amazing buttercream frosting now we might be talking about the best dessert of all time! Sugar, sugar, and more sugar! I was in Utah and luckily had a couple dessert places that were suggested to me as “YOU HAVE TO TRY THESE” spots! Swig was one of them. Locals in St. George, Utah, also agreed because in asking around everyone said you gotta go to Swig. This fruit smoothie shack is not a place I would think to find huge cookies worthy of any bakeshop, yet here they were. My first visit to Swig I ordered the sugar cookie frosted with their signature pink frosting. The cookie is served cold, I’m not sure why, and is about the size of three cookies. It is very thick and has artist edges. I waited to eat this cookie until it warmed to room temp because I am not a huge fan of cold desserts unless we are talking ice cream. I have three words for the sugar cookie at Swig…OH MY GOD! Heaven blessed this cookie. It was incredible. By far the


KaDunks- Lets start dunking!


When I was a kid I remember begging my Dad to put Dunkaroos (a container filled with small cookies you could dip in chocolate sauce) in my lunch box.  Well, times have changed and there’s a new way to dunk at lunch.   KaDunks is a fun sweet chewy candy that is packed with a sour punch! Inside each package there are gummy candies that reminded me of sweetish fish. On the end of the container is a pool of sour sugar dip that is either berry ka-blast or tropical ka-punch flavored! The gummies are really chewy! We loved the sweet taste and extra chewy texture that is still sticking to our teeth. We both agreed that we


Cafe Du Monde



On a recent 24 hour trip to New Orleans I went to the 24-7 famous Cafe Du Monde!  I’m OBSESSED!  I had these beignets when I was 18 on tour with a show but it’s been a long time (before the blog).  Seriously, you can’t get better than fried dough with TONS of powdered sugar covering it (I had to go wash my jeans off with water because I was covered and I loved it).  Made fresh everyday, Cafe Du Monde only sells beignets and coffee.  Geek alert:  Beignets are the French term for a pastry made from deep-fried choux pastry.  I went with my Something Rotten cast (new Broadway show I’m doing) and we had a pick-me-up party before our big night on Bourbon Street!  This is a must on any visit to New Orleans!

Donuts in Venice Beach

donuts-gjustagjusta-donutsIf you visit Venice Beach it is must that you go to Gjusta, the sister bakery/cafe to Gjelina. It is official that once you walk in to Gjusta you will be overwhelmed and want everything that is in front of you. My suggestion…go in a big group and just order it all. Among the desserts offered at Gjusta, there sat a bowl filled with round donuts that I simply could not pass up. They were covered in a creamy glaze and


Los Angeles Dessert Adventures continue at Big Sugar Bakeshop

big-sugar-bakery-blondie big-sugar-bakery-ginger-cookie

I was walking around Studio City the other day and happened upon Big Sugar Bakeshop on Ventura Blvd. Street appeal brought me in and the good lookin’ desserts had me at hello! There were pies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, BUCKEYES (an Ohio dessert rarely seen outside of the state), ice cream sandwiches, and blondies. As a blondie, I tend to feel a closeness to this symbolic dessert. It just so happened to be National Blondie Day and Big Sugar was giving away samples of their M&M Blondie…win win! The blondie bar was also filled with


Los Angeles adventures…Zinque Restaurant

IMG_6312 IMG_6311 IMG_6310

Right on Melrose is a fantastic wine bar and bistro called Zinque, serving some delicious desserts as well as Cabernet.  The desserts, quite classic and simple, all sounded good but I decided to try the Warm Banana Bread served with Vanilla Ice Cream, the Warm Brownie served with Vanilla Ice Cream, and the Apple Tart also served with you guess it…vanilla ice cream.  My favorite of the three was the banana bread because not only do I LOVE banana bread, but I have never thought of this bread as a dessert.  I usually eat my banana bread with butter or peanut butter or make it into a PB &J sandwich, but why not