Eurostar Train

So my travel from London to Paris was on the luxurious and smooth Eurostar train.  Little did we know, we were going to get bread, a cheese plate, and a scrumptious raspberry tart or “tarte aux framboise!”  I have to say, this tart was no joke.  It tasted so fresh.  The cream and raspberries just melted in my mouth and the crust wasn’t too hard or mushy.  It was accompanied by hot tea and, of course, some wine!  What a perfect way to start our voyage a Paris!  Tres bon!


Crepe Stand

I went from a city with hot dog and soft pretzel stands to a place with make-your-own crepe stands!  In the world of a sugar mind, this is a pretty awesome switch.  This was by far one of my favorite desserts in Paris.  I got a crepe filled with Nutella (chocolate and hazelnut spread) and banana.  This combination was absolutely incredible.  The crepe was so thick and big with the ingredients just oozing out.  It was so fresh and warm, and I seriously made a satisfied sound with each bit.  Oh yes, I got more than one while I was there.  I must ask this one question though, “Why are there no crepe stands in the great NYC?”



Bon matin (Good Morning)!  So this was my breakfast EVERY morning, and what a magnificent breakfast it was!  At just around 9 euros, my husband and I shared 2 (deux) croissants and a cafe au lait.  Now, you can get this at any of the multiple patisseries they have around the city.  The two croissants we always shared were the original croissant and the chocolate croissant.  Just take a look at the inside of the chocolate one below…..mmmm.  They were both flaky and buttery and just melted in your mouth.  Not heavy at all in the stomach. The cafe au lait was perfect as well.  Le petit dejeuner, c’est tres bon (this was a very good breakfast)!



L’Atelier des pains (bread) Artisan Boulangerie

On our way up to the highest point in Paris, the Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart), we found a delicious treat at a Montmartre artisan boulangerie.  A chocolate roll!  The dough was chocolate along with generous chunks of chocolate inside.  This was no day old bread. It was so soft and fresh, and the chocolate was still melty inside.  It’s so funny and wonderful how you end up grabbing bread for a snack in Paris.  You see people on the streets just biting off a fresh baquette they just bought.  Love it!  It’s just that good!



At another patisserie, we grabbed a tartelettes aux pommes.  This is an apple pastry that was just delish!



Yes, you see it correctly, good ‘ole Haagen-Dazs.  Apparently it is very popular and the “It” ice cream place to go to in Paris, at least in the St. Germain area.  It’s very posh and  upscale compared to our stop-in places in the States.  We decided to get their brownie sundae.  Ok, it was really good!  Go Haagen-Dazs!


Angelina Paris

This was by far my favorite dessert place in Paris!  I was so excited because I had read about it before going, and I was hoping it would meet all of my expectations.  Man did it do that and more!  After a delicious lunch of quiche, my husband and I shared their famous Chocolate Angelina (hot chocolate).  WOW.  It was some serious richness that was amazing.  It was literally thick melted chocolate. It came with a side of whipped cream to mix in.  The cream was a perfect compliment.  All I have to say is, “When visiting Paris, you must got to Angelina and get their hot chocolate!”  Along with the drink, we had an interesting dessert with a puff pastry bottom, cream middle, and covered in spaghetti-shredded milk chocolate.  The chewiness was lovely with the crunch of the bottom and cream.  So unique and tasty.



Le Comptoir du Relais
9 carrefour de l’Odéon, 6th
+33 1 44 27 07 97

This was the BEST dinner we had in Paris.  We went from a recommendation in Gourmet magazine.  Man, they were right beyond words!  It was totally packed, and after about  a 20 minute wait, we were seated and looking at their large menu all in French (with no English help). Since it was Greek to us (I only speak French a little, un peu), we ordered what might seem good.  Since the people next to us said nothing was bad there, we didn’t worry if would be good or not.  I had the beef in a red wine reduction sauce which was just plain sick.  I mean I never wanted to stop eating!  You can tell when a restaurant is good quality.  Just even the bread (in my case the first and most important indication), was incredible.  Since our dinner was so heavy, we decided on their special dessert that evening: a light strawberries in a red wine sauce.  This was so simple, yet incredible refreshing and satisfying to all my sweet taste buds.  I highly recommend you make a stop at this St. Germain dining spot.  Bon appetit!



As you can see, we frequented patisseries quite often:-).  But we couldn’t leave Paris without having an eclair!  This is a chocolate one, which was so satisfyingly decadent.  The custard inside was a little too much in quantity for me, but I’d rather it be too much than too little.  This “French donut” was just fantastic!


Angelina Round Two!

Well, we made a pit-stop on our last day in Paris back at Angelina.  We just couldn’t get enough!  We got the hot chocolate again, and we also ordered a bourbon cream in a layered and flaky pastry.  This dessert was light and well…flaky!  It was very good.  We also grabbed some of their mini macaroons to go.  We got caramel, pistachio, and strawberry ones.  This dessert is a Paris MUST and they were quite tasty.    Ahhh I will miss you Angelina.  A bientot!