87-135 Brompton Road


One place you must go to in London is Harrods.  It’s a famous department store (similar to our Saks Fifth Avenue).  The old school classiness of it is so charming.  They have a sweet section that made me feel like I was Charlie in the Chocolate Factory!  I immediately became a little kid and tried a bunch of small things, including a chocolate strawberry and a mini cupcake.  They were both scrumptious!  They also have a soda bar where you can order one of their decadent and huge sundaes!

Fuel Below (Covenant Garden)
3-5 Burleigh Street
Covent Garden, London
Tel020 7836 7161


Covenant Garden is a fantastic area with markets and restaurants galore.  It is also where My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn was filmed!  We sat outside right by where the famous scene from the movie was, and had fantastic pizza and dessert at Fuel Below.  Open late, after a West End show, their brownie sundae was just delicious and perfect to split between 4 people.



A popular English drink, Pimm’s is gin-based and usually paired with English lemonade, cucumbers, fruit, and a hint of mint.  Our English friend, Hannah, introduced us to the refreshing treat on a hot day of touring.  It’s sold all over, but in this particular case, it was a stand outside a restaurant where you can take it to go.  Beware though, it goes down very easy but can catch up to you!

The Ivy
1-5 West St
London, WC2H 9NQ, United Kingdom
+44 20 78364751

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One of the splurges on the trip was having dinner at The Ivy.  It is quite a famous culinary experience in London and has seen the likes of many celebrities.  We had to book weeks in advance.  I’d recommend booking a month before.  To finish the amazing meal, my husband and I had their Scandinavian iced berries with hot white chocolate sauce and the Sticky Toffee Pudding.  The first sounded so interesting and looked so interesting.  The berries were fabulous and unique and frozen!  The hot sauce was a perfect compliment to the coldness.  This is a more creative version of our “berries and cream” dessert.  I was very excited about the Toffee Pudding since it is a traditional English dessert.  It was delicious!  I mean really the name says it all.  The Sticky Toffee just soaked in to the cake, making it so moist and spongy.  A great classic in England!

The Palm Court, Ritz-carlton, London
150 Piccadilly
London W1J9BR


Of course, being the tea lover I am, I had to go for afternoon tea at the famous Palm Court in the Ritz London.  There were six different sandwiches, freshly baked raisin and apple scones with Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry preserves, along with an assortment of afternoon tea pastries, and the Ritz chocolate cake.  It was such a lovely experience.  The ambience was peaceful with the Ritz resident pianist playing music on a grande piano.  Their was a dress requirement of jacket and tie for men, and of course the ladies were mainly in dresses.  The experience though was the only aspect I liked.  Disappointingly, the food was not impressive.  It seemed as though they had prepared it the week before and it was just mass produced.  For the price (37 Euros per person min), the food standard was not equal.  I was glad to have gone to one of the most famous afternoon teas in London though.  Next time, I will choose somewhere more off the “eaten path.”  Book a month in advance since it was hard to get a reservation.


The English “Mr. Softee


Yes, I had to be a tourist and try their version of our “Mr. Softee.”  I have to say, it was good!  Perfect on a HOT day.  They stick a chunk of the English candy bar Flake in it as a finishing touch.  It’s just flaky milk chocolate stuck together and made by Cadbury.  Nice addition I must say.

The Parlour Restaurant at Fortnum and Mason
181 Piccadilly,
London W1A 1ER


This is the picture perfect ice cream sundae bar!  Located in the posh gourmet food store, Fortnum and Mason, it’s menu consists of spectacular sundae creations.  My husband and I had the “Lazy Sundae Afternoon.”  Vanilla bean, frosted strawberry, and shortbread ice creams blended with strawberry coulis along with strawberries and 12 year old balsamic vinegar, and finished with crushed meringues, whipped cream, and strawberries!  Whew!  These sundaes are no joke!  I also had a hot tea to balance the cool treat.

13-15 Westland Pl
London, N1, United Kingdom


Fifteen is a restaurant created by Jamie Oliver that helps young people change their lives around by becoming a chef.  It’s all run by a foundation of donations.  These young people are the amazing chefs at the restaurant.  We had dinner here our last night in London, and what a fantastic finish it was.  We ended the evening with a semifreddo in a summer fruit compote.  I had to also put a photo of the beautiful leaf in my cappuccino.  Absolutely everything we had that evening was delicious.  This was by far my favorite dining experience in London.  I highly recommend you eat here, but make reservations in advance!

A Pasty


They are sold everywhere, and this is the breakfast one we got.  It’s basically a savory English pie of either a meat, a vegetable, eggs, etc.  We got a ham, egg, and cheese one that was so good!