Vegan dessert done oh-so-good!


Hi everyone! Well, we had a long hiatus with busy months of January & February BUT that doesn’t mean we haven’t eaten dessert! Get ready for a whole lot of new blog posts from us. Our latest is the amazing by CHLOE. in the West Village. Absolutely Vegan, their goal is simple — “to redefine what it means to eat well.” I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to try their non-dairy ice cream. When I read “Kale Cookies & Cream” as a flavor I definitely was not going to get it. To my surprise, it was my favorite of all the flavors! Ha! Cookies & Cream is my all time favorite ice cream flavor so this says A LOT. It’s still hard for me to believe I had Kale in my dessert and not only enjoyed it, LOVED it. The ingredients include: ORGANIC KALE, HOMEMADE GLUTEN-FREE VALHRONA CHOCOLATE WAFERS, PURE MADAGASCAR VANILLA, ALMOND MILK, COCONUT MILK, RAW AGAVE NECTAR. SOOOO GOOD. The other two flavors I tried were Coffee Chia Chip & Roasted Banana Bourbon, both were delicious. Their Old-Fashioned Chocolate Chip cookie was a really great compliment to the ice creams as well. I know Chloe is famous for her cupcakes, but I highly recommend you try her non-dairy ice cream. I’m so excited to go back again and again. Eating well never felt so good!

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