Ellary’s Greens


We can’t stop thinking about the enchanting evening we spent at Ellary’s Greens this week.  Located down in the West Village, this Vegan and Gluten-Free optional restaurant exudes charm in every way.  We were there to taste their seasonal pies that are available on their dessert menu but also available to order for all your holiday events and dinners!  Our tasting started with a spoonful of chocolate mousse with coconut whipped cream.  The mousse, mostly based with the super antioxidant powers of raw cacao has a secret ingredient as well….avocado!  The avocado helps to add healthy fat and creamy texture.  You would NEVER guess that avocado is in this rich chocolate mousse.  It was divine!


The four seasonal pies we tasted were Pecan Pie, Mississippi Mud, Pumpkin, and Apple Cranberry.  The crusts for each pie were all gluten-free and incredible.  We have tasted many
gluten-free crusts and they don’t hold a candle to Ellary’s crust.  The hearty, flavorful crust was thick and perfectly crunchy yet soft with each bite.  The Mississippi Mud pie sat on a chocolate crust that had dates in the crust which added a touch of sweetness and chewy texture.  Each pies filling were also perfection.  The apple cranberry was just a tad sweet with soft apple slices and tangy cranberries to balance.  The pumpkin was super smooth and filling.  It honestly was one of the best pumpkin pie slices we’ve ever had!  Usually too rich and heavy, this pecan pie was the opposite.  The pecans were chopped small and mixed in a delicious yet not too sweet filling that had us digging in for more.  Last but not least, the Mississippi Mud!  Their chocolate mousse is poured into the dense and rich chocolate crust and topped with fresh coconut whipped cream.  We loved getting our chocolate fix in with every bite of this mud pie.

Ellary’s Greens also has cookies, brownies, and muffins that are sold counter side and on the dessert menu.  We honestly have never tasted better gluten-free and vegan desserts.  There is something very special happening in their kitchen.  Run to Ellary’s Greens and enjoy literally everything on the menu!

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