Boulton and Watt



Nostalgia never hurt nobody.  I’m always drawn to a place that has good old desserts from my childhood. Boulton and Watt serves up some major comfort sweets.  Their deep skillet chocolate chip cookie with a side of milk came highly recommended by a friend BUT I had to order the brownie batter in a jar with vanilla ice cream as well.  I mean come on!  This cookie was crispy on the outside and ooey gooey on the inside with a generous chocolate chip/batter ratio.  I poured the cold milk over the hot cookie and let it seep in before enjoying.  Woaaahhhhh!   It was like cookie crack, I couldn’t stop eating it!  The brownie batter was also warm and fulfilled my childhood dreams of licking the brownie batter bowl BUT even better with soft ice cream. This Lower East Side gem should not be missed if you want major sweets!

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