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Eileen’s Cheesecake will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on June 16th! Eileen has been in the same location (17 Cleveland Place) her entire career and remarked to us how much she has seen the neighborhood change.  Her cheesecakes have been rated the top cheesecake in New York from Zagat, Serious Eats, top food critics, and thousands of fans!  The most popular flavor you may ask…Eileen said the strawberry is definitely the winner.  We had the privilege to sample 12 different flavors while visiting Eileen.  Each one was incredible but our top three were the salted caramel brûlée, red velvet, and cookies & cream.  We don’t know what kind of magic Eileen puts into her recipe, but she knows what she is doing.  Her cheesecake is soft and super creamy.  It melts in your mouth like butter.  Beyond the taste and presentation of this famous dessert, Eileen is magic in her own right.  Keeping her business open through the changes in lower Manhattan over the years has not been easy as well as baking all these cheesecakes in such a small space.  From what we could tell she wouldn’t have it any other way.  She is proud and absolutely should be to celebrate 40 years of being New York City’s premier cheesecake; the dessert that New York is known for.  To celebrate this big anniversary Eileen will be unveiling a new flavor on June 16th, vanilla bean brûlée.  It sounds absolutely divine!


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