A Chocolate Mousse worth every bite!


If you have not been to Cafe Fiorello for dessert you must go! I don’t know how else to tell you, dessert lovers of the world, other than, “GET TO CAFE FIORELLO FOR THEIR CHOCOLATE MOUSSE!”  My kind server comes over with two huge silver bowls.  First he scooped out two heaping spoonfuls of freshly whipped cream onto a clean plate.  Then with what looked like a shovel in the other silver bowl, shoveled slabs of homemade chocolate mousse out onto the plate as well.  Before even taking a bite I knew I was in for a treat! The presentation alone sold me.  Then I actually started eating and my mind was blown.  It was like chocolate velvet heaven this mousse.  It was very rich, but not overwhelming and dense yet light.  I wanted to savor each chocolate bite.   The whipped cream was the perfect accompaniment to balance the chocolate. Cafe Fiorello has been a staple restaurant on the Upper West Side on Manhattan.  Its location makes it the perfect pre or post Lincoln Center spot.  If you go definitely order this dessert!

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