The Fat Radish



The first time I dined at The Fat Radish on the LES was at my friend’s wedding reception.  She’d rented out the entire (quaint) restaurant and had family sized portions of their food delivered to each table.  This is when I fell in love with their kale caesar salad.  I’d been craving it for a long time so I went back this week for dinner. The ambience is trendy and cozy.  On their dessert menu were only a few options and both intriqued me. Housemade doughnuts with powdered sugar and seasonal jam.  WOW these were fresh out of the fryer! Warm and soft, oozing with Beth’s Farm Fresh lemon curd jam and dusted with powdered sugar.  I could have eaten all three since they were so light but I valiantly made it through two.  The second dessert was new for me:  Banoffee Pie.  The dessert makes sense since it’s roots are in England and the restaurant has British centric dishes.  Layers of bananas, toffee, shaved dark chocolate and whipped cream.  This was also a light dessert, therefore more eating of it took place.  The Fat Radish is a diamond in the rough of an area on Orchard Street.

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