Cupcakes by Carousel



Birthdays at a theatre (Something Rotten on Broadway) are always fun!  This is mainly due to the fact that I get to try all kinds of desserts!  A cast memeber that lives in NJ brought in his local cupcakes.  Cupcakes by Carousel is a mini version of a family owned cake business, Carousel Cakes.  They sell to over 700 restaurants in the tri-state area.  Cupcakes by Carousel offers mini versions of their famous cakes to the general sweet devotees.  I LOVED their Hostess cupcake look-alike!  The cakes is so soft, making it easy to devour the entire thing without feeling heavy.  The inside was chock-full of sugary whipped cream.  The cream continued on top then covered by a layer of sticky chocolate.  I’ve never had this fresh of a Hostess cupcake and now I can’t go back!  The cast of Something Rotten on Broadway had an overall love of these delightful treats!

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