Red Velvet Cake Cookie


When you walk into Sugar and Plumm restaurant on the Upper West Side in Manhattan it is like walking into a dessert heaven. There are cookies, cakes, sundaes, milkshakes, macaroons, chocolates…you name a dessert, it’s there! One thing caught our eye immediately which was a red velvet cookie. Red Velvet is one of our favorite flavors of cake so a cookie version was a must try item. The thick cookie was about 4″ in diameter with a cream cheese icing center. It had a crunchy exterior, soft and chewy inside, and a few white chocolate chips sprinkled about for added sweetness. There was a nice chocolate flavor and cake texture alluding to an actual slice of red velvet cake. We both loved the cream cheese center, but agreed that there could have been more of the delicious frosting to really mimic a slice of cake. All in all it was a wonderful play on red velvet cake and a very good cookie.

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