Introducing Carla Hall Petite Cookies


We have always enjoyed Carla Hall way back to becoming a fan of hers when she competed on Top Chef.  Now a co-host of the popular TV series, The Chew, Carla is entertaining America every morning with fresh recipes and fun ideas in the kitchen.  We received a very special box in the mail filled with her new line of sweets and baked goods.  Wow! Everything and we mean everything was delicious!  Our absolute favorite was the salted caramel banana bread that was cut thick and super moist.  The top of the bread was trimmed in a salted caramel crust that alone could be its own dessert.  Carla’s magic bars were covered in shredded coconut and pilled high with nuts, chocolate, and her signature Black Forest Crinkle cookie dough.  The graham cracker crust on these bars was incredible, so buttery and thick with a nice crunch.  IMG_7150

The petite cookies came in six different flavors:  Mexican Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate, Pecan Shortbread with Vanilla Salt, Almond Ginger Cherry Shortbread, Black Forest Crinkle, and Lemon Black Pepper Shortbread.  These crispy cookies are about the size of a nickel so they are perfect when you just want a small bite of something sweet.  The variety box has a flavor to please anyone.  We could see these petites becoming a huge hit for Carla because they would be the perfect gift to send for any occasion.  IMG_7152

Last but certainly not least were the Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich filled with buttercream frosting.  The soft cookie was chock full of oats making it super chewy.  This sandwich was so addictive.  We planned on splitting on and then ended up splitting the other because we had to have more!  Bravo to Carla Hall and her new line of sweets and baked goods.  We are confident that everyone will find something to love.  Check out to order you won’t regret it!

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