Travels with Blondie… Swig in Utah!

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A good cookie might be my very favorite dessert. If you top that cookie with a layer of amazing buttercream frosting now we might be talking about the best dessert of all time! Sugar, sugar, and more sugar! I was in Utah and luckily had a couple dessert places that were suggested to me as “YOU HAVE TO TRY THESE” spots! Swig was one of them. Locals in St. George, Utah, also agreed because in asking around everyone said you gotta go to Swig. This fruit smoothie shack is not a place I would think to find huge cookies worthy of any bakeshop, yet here they were. My first visit to Swig I ordered the sugar cookie frosted with their signature pink frosting. The cookie is served cold, I’m not sure why, and is about the size of three cookies. It is very thick and has artist edges. I waited to eat this cookie until it warmed to room temp because I am not a huge fan of cold desserts unless we are talking ice cream. I have three words for the sugar cookie at Swig…OH MY GOD! Heaven blessed this cookie. It was incredible. By far the best frosted sugar cookie I have ever sunk my teeth into, and sunk they did.  It was thick, under baked on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The creamy pink buttercream put this cookie into a whole new category of delicious! The other best part it only cost $1.50!!!! If this cookie was in New York City it would easily cost $5!! I knew I couldn’t leave Utah without eating one more Swig cookie so on my last day I went back! This time I ordered the chocolate chip cookie. I was nervous to try something new  since it was my last visit to Swig, but when the employee described the chocolate chip cookie as, ” If you like eating chocolate chip cookie dough you’ll like it because it is so under baked,” I WAS SOLD! Another $1.50 out of my pocket…I would have paid $5!

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