Travels with Blondie…Nielson’s Frozen Custard


Nielson’s Frozen Custard transports a guest back in time. When you enter into the shop there is a 1950s vibe from the decor, to the menu, to the striped uniforms employees wear. Nielson’s custard is made in house throughout the whole day. They use natural ingredients, rich eggs and real dairy cream. The result is a tremendously thick custard that is full of flavor, melting in your mouth. I decided to order their famous concrete. There were many mix-in candies, nuts, and sauces to choose from, but I went with Oreo cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough. It was a custard celebration! Every bite was filled with either a cookie or ball of dough. I was so full after eating my concrete because the custard was so dense and thick. Nielson’s is the perfect frozen treat!

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