KaDunks- Lets start dunking!


When I was a kid I remember begging my Dad to put Dunkaroos (a container filled with small cookies you could dip in chocolate sauce) in my lunch box.  Well, times have changed and there’s a new way to dunk at lunch.   KaDunks is a fun sweet chewy candy that is packed with a sour punch! Inside each package there are gummy candies that reminded me of sweetish fish. On the end of the container is a pool of sour sugar dip that is either berry ka-blast or tropical ka-punch flavored! The gummies are really chewy! We loved the sweet taste and extra chewy texture that is still sticking to our teeth. We both agreed that we enjoyed the sour berry ka-blast dip the best. The berry dip tasted like a bowl full of raspberries infused with superhuman powers! We had so much fun dipping our lightning bolt chewy candy into the super sour berry sauce. We can imagine this candy to be a huge hit with kids. It is an interactive way to eat sugar. KaDunks won the ECRM Buyer’s Choice Award for “Best New Novelty Item in 2014, and based on what we sampled we can see why.  KaDunks definitely gives you a sugar rush so maybe stick to one pack at a time!

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