Cafe Du Monde



On a recent 24 hour trip to New Orleans I went to the 24-7 famous Cafe Du Monde!  I’m OBSESSED!  I had these beignets when I was 18 on tour with a show but it’s been a long time (before the blog).  Seriously, you can’t get better than fried dough with TONS of powdered sugar covering it (I had to go wash my jeans off with water because I was covered and I loved it).  Made fresh everyday, Cafe Du Monde only sells beignets and coffee.  Geek alert:  Beignets are the French term for a pastry made from deep-fried choux pastry.  I went with my Something Rotten cast (new Broadway show I’m doing) and we had a pick-me-up party before our big night on Bourbon Street!  This is a must on any visit to New Orleans!

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