One of the best parts of finding new desserts is when you find one off the beaten path and it’s AMAZING.  A friend of mine told me about her friend that moved from NYC to Columbus, Ohio and makes pies out of her home.  I knew I had to order from her when I headed home for the holidays.  Dough Mama is a small business (as in one amazing baker, Perrie Wilkof) run out of her apartment in Clintonville.  I asked her to make me two of her favorite and most popular pies:  Maple Bourbon Pecan (pictured above) and Ginger Pear (below).  Two very different pies, both delicious!  The Maple Bourbon Pecan had a surprise chocolate layer in it as you got to the egde of the crust.  I don’t know how you decide to add chocolate to a pecan pie but it’s a GREAT choice. My husband is a pecan pie fanatic and he raved about Dough Mama’s.  I believe that says it all, especially coming from a southern boy.  The Ginger Pear was more my speed (I love berry pies).  I warmed my piece before biting in.  The pears were perfectly cooked, soft and spiced.  The ginger wasn’t overwhelming and the CRUMBLE was thick and crunchy.  Who doesn’t love a crumble topping???!!!  Columbus is lucky to have such a pie baker in town and I highly recommend you order from this small in-house bakery.  When pies are made solely by one person with love and care, you can always taste it…and I sure did.


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