Capannari’s Ice Cream from Chicago!


This family owned and operated ice creamery located outside of Chicago specializes in fresh, small batch flavorful ice creams. I was luckily enough to get a very special delivery to me in NYC of six different pints from Capannaris. Each distinctive flavor was delicious. I tasted Pumpkin, Eggnog, Cake Batter, Mint Chocolate Chip, Black Raspberry Chip, and Cinnamon! It was like the holiday special in my freezer. I loved the cake batter and eggnog especially! The eggnog with a cup of coffee for dessert was Christmas in my mouth. My absolute favorite flavor was the Cake Batter.  It literally tasted like just finished white cake batter before being baked in the oven.  I added sprinkles and whipped cream and enjoyed a fabulous sundae at home.  Capannari’s has won many awards and has been visited and approved by many celebrity chefs. You can order online from their website or visit the store in Mt. Pleasant, Illinois!

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