Another fantastic night at Del Friscos!

del-frisco-lemon-cake del-friscos-lemon-cake

It’s good to know that some things don’t change and that is the case with the Lemon Cake at Del Friscos Steakhouse.  If you haven’t been to the mega steakhouse to enjoy a meal, one that definitely includes dessert, than you need to go….NOW!  Every dessert on the menu is worth the calories and a hour long dance cardio class the next day.  The Lemon Cake is the one dessert not on the menu so you have to know to ask about it!  It’s six layers of moist lemon cake with lemon curd filling between each layer and then frosted with creamy lemon buttercream.  My suggestion is to tell your waiter or waitress that you  would like this cake at the start of your meal so that by the time the dessert course rolls around your slice is at room temperature!  It is delicious either way, but even more when it isn’t cold.  Enjoy!

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