Minamoto Kitchoan

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A Body By Simone friend introduced me to Minamoto Kitchoan and I’m hooked.  She brought me one of their red bean cakes.  It’s always hard to branch out from American desserts (ie cookies. pie, cake)  when I want a sweet so I was interested to see if this mini cake would satisfy.  I was pleasantly surprised by this “healthy” sweet.  It’s low in sugar and fat but delicious.  It reminded me of a glorified and FRESH Fig Newton.  The cake was soft and the center mildly sweet.  I was impressed by the 11/25/2014 expiration date as well.  This one can’t stay on the shelf for years and I’m sure has no preservatives.  I’m so excited to keep branching out and indulging in red bean based sweets!  Thanks Machiko!

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