Hipster Fro-yo in Williamsburg


Of course if you happen upon a fro-yo shop on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn it won’t look like every other 16 Handles lining each block in Manhattan.  Exposed brick walls, chalk board art, and the enticing aroma of freshly baked waffle cones get you through the door, but does the yogurt and/or toppings taste any different?  Von Dolhens yogurt shop might not taste any different but the experience is.  They offer 21 unique flavor combinations and feature organic frozen yogurt, vegan sorbet, and a gluten free option.  von-dolhens-froyovon-dolhens-waffle-pop

There are 30 unique toppings which includes seasonal organic fruit, Granola Lab granola,  in-house fruit compotes, and homemade rice crispy treats!  The made-to-order waffle lolli pops or waffles are a definite bonus if not just for the smell alone. They partner with Brooklyn Roasting Coffee so you can pair your dessert with a delicious cup of joe.  All in all Von Dolhens is just another yogurt shop that jumped on the bandwagon, but it’s “Brooklyn-ized” which gives it a nice hipster upgrade!

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