Terrace Pointe Cafe Las Vegas

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My “Epic Girls Weekend” was spent in Las Vegas a week ago to see the Britney Spears concert.  Yes, I went and she was tired and lip syncing BUT it was still amazing…in the FRONT ROW!  My favorite part of getting away is breakfast.  My girlfriends and I went to The Terrace Pointe Cafe in the Wynn hotel every morning before pool time.  I had the world’s largest croissant EVERY day (no joke).  It was the size of my head but probably one of the best croissants I’ve ever had.  Crispy and flakey on the outside but spongey and chewy on the inside.  The last morning we decided to go all out and get their cinnamon rolls too.  Four sensible sized gooey rolls were served on a plate, just sitting in caramel.  Drizzled with icing, these rolls were indulgent.  The cinnamon inside was perfct with all the sugar happening on the outside.  Good morning Vegas!  Hello….bikini???

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