Lazy Sunday Dun-Well




Blondie has posted about Dun-Well Doughnuts before, but I recently had them for the first time.  These completely Vegan donuts stole my heart with their fresh quality.  The four I tried were Raspberry Pistachio, Lemon Cardamom, PB Chocolate Pretzel, and Pumpkin.  My 2 favs were the Raspberry Pistachio and PB Chocolate Pretzel.  The PB and Chocolate combo is always a winner with me and add pretzels in there???!!!! Forget about it.  Chunks and chunks of PB, Chocolate, and Pretzels covered the yeast donut, and I ate it in less than a minute lol.  The Raspberry Pistachio fulfilled my fruity cravings and the added salty nuts gave it a unique taste.  I love that there is a fantastic Vegan option in the donut world.  I would eat these on a regular basis!  My next mission:  to have one of their donut sundaes!  Doughnuts Dun-Well:-).

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