Cannibal NYC



OK, I know the name of this restaurant isn’t quite dessert blog worthy BUT Cannibal NYC has something special going on after your…MEAT.  Their PB & J Parfait with saltines hits so many nostalgic cravings.  A recipe from the chef’s childhood, layers of strawberry jam and sugary PB encompass a bowl.  The PB is whipped and thick, like buttercream icing.  You just take a knife and spread it on the saltines.  OH HEAVEN.  Don’t be shy to ask for more saltines since you run out fast.  The salt from the saltines balances the sweetness to a T.  I love how creative this dessert is from the classic sandwich everyone loves.  I may have partook in a “how many saltines can you eat in 1 min” contest as well.  I guess this dessert brought out the kid in me!

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