Desserts at Catch are off the hook!

catch-shortcakeIf you have not been to this trendy restaurant in the Meatpacking district, make a reservation ASAP! The food and most importantly the desserts will blow your mind. I happened to be at Catch the other evening and enjoyed not one, but three fantastic desserts that were all unique and very tasty. The first was a strawberry pistachio shortcake with marscapone, rhubarb and tres leches shortcake. The shortcake in this dessert reminded me of a traditional English scone, one that you might enjoy at afternoon tea. Since I adore scones, this was the perfect cake to me for this dessert! The marscapaone in the center was light and creamy surrounded by juicy slices of strawberries. I simply could not get enough!catch-smores-pizza

Next on the chomping block was the s’mores pizza. This pizza was pretty large but had a nice thin, crispy bread. The milk and dark chocolate was spread like sauce all over the dough and then clumps of roasted marshmallows were generously placed on top; I LOVED the side of burnt marshmallow ice cream. It added a cold, creamy and simple touch that is not found in most s’more desserts.catch-chocolate-sphere
Last, but not least was the chocolate sphere which was accompanied by a liquid chocolate truffle, devils food cake, and salted caramel ice cream. I really enjoyed how all the flavors played off each other in this dessert. You have the intense chocolate in the sphere that explodes once you cut through. The salted caramel ice cream leaves just a hint of tangy salt on your tongue with every bite, and the white chocolate truffle is filled with a caramel that is unlike any caramel I have ever tasted. I could have made a dessert alone with a couple of these truffles! Catch does not slack on creativity, size, or taste with their desserts. It truly is a wonderful restaurant in every way but especially for fulfilling your sweet tooth!

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