The Salty Pimp


I know that’s exactly how you would describe me, a salty pimp…NO.  But the name of an ice cream cone I’d eat…YES.  I finally swung by  the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (yes I know it’s not just a truck anymore….that’s how long it’s taken me to get there).  I want to kick myself for never having been.  My husband raved about their Salty Pimp ice cream cone so that was a must for my first time.  Oh my heavens, soft serve!  Vanilla soft serve covered in salty caramel and dipped in chocolate.  That cone was “pimped out!”  Gay gay gay is how I felt as my mouth sunk in to this concoction.  Salty, sweet, AND cold?!!!  That combo made my taste buds scream!  It was creamy and the chocolate was just thick enough to lightly crack as you eat it with the chewy caramel.  Unicorns and rainbow cones delight, I’ll be back to this place, I might!

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