Limoncello Pie


I had a fabulous lunch AND dessert at Trattoria Dell’arte the other day.  This restaurant located in midtown, next to one of my favorite other restaurants, Red Eye Grill, has a plentiful dessert menu with a variety of desserts sure to please any sweet lover.  I decided to choose the Limoncello Pie with a burnt sugar topping.  This slice of pie was absolutely delightful.  The graham cracker crust was buttery and just the right thickness to hold in the soft lemon pie filling.  Speaking of filling, it was smooth yet tart and extremely refreshing.  The perfect palate cleanser.  I very much enjoyed the burnt sugar top, reminding me of creme brûlée, it added a crunchy texture to each bite.  On the side was a dollop of fresh whipped cream which I can never get enough of!  Trattoria Dell’arte is a must stop for amazing food and dessert when in New York City.

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