Buvette, a new favorite


I have found my calm getaway in the West Village.  Buvette is a quaint gastrotheque that serves food & drink all day long until 2am!  Perfect for a Broadway performer like myself, I can come after a show to wind down.  I’ve been heading there in the late morning though for some coffee and pastry.  My recent trip, I enjoyed the chef’s specialty, the apple tart, as well as their mouth-watering mini croissants.  The apple tart was served room temperature with crème fraîche covering the top.  They literally whipped the cream right then and there.  The apples weren’t too sweet or tart, and the the crust was thick and chewy.  The croissants, OH MY GOODNESS.  First of all, when the

waitress said, “your croissants will be right out, they’re almost finished baking in the oven,” I was HOOKED.  FRESH out of the oven, these mini croissants with soft butter and homemade preserves were heaven.  Once you try these, you will never be able to go back to random croissants at the deli.  There’s just no comparison.  The ambience is so calming, I felt like I was on vaca for a bit.  Head to Grove and Bleeker if you’re looking for a lovely afternoon.  Oh, and they use organic dairy;-).  C’est bon!

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