You know it’s summer when you have a delicious slice of homemade pie and ice cream!  I had an exceptional dinner the other evening at Riverpark, a Tom Colicchio restaurant located on the east river.  After an unforgettable meal I was really looking forward to dessert.  Without looking at a menu or choosing what sweet I was going to indulge in, out comes a whole apple pie served with homemade vanilla bean ice cream and creme fraiche sorbet.  I was in heaven.  This pie was perfect.  The crust was soft and thick with a nice crusty edge and buttery taste.  Inside were perfectly cooked and

seasoned apple slices that were juicy and a bit tart.  Served on the side were two large mason jars, one filled with vanilla bean ice cream and the other filled with creme fraiche sorbet.  Both were absolutely incredible, cold and creamy.  I loved the sorbet though because the creme fraiche turned the usual icy dessert into a mix between ice cream and sorbet.  Everything about this restaurant was above par.  If you are looking to enjoy a beautiful summer’s evening outside with outstanding food and dessert, you must go to Riverpark.








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