Hogar, Dulce Hogar….A Basque Bakery


Five weeks ago a new bakery opened in Soho that is sure to be a hit success.  It’s a bakery where you can sit, read, write, hang with neighbors, or meet new people; think an extension to your living room.  We know, this doesn’t sound like a New Yorker kind of place… “you expect us to sit and relax?!” Yes, they do, and trust us you will want to .  There is a social media chalkboard in the back, a live greenery wall, natural light pouring in windows gleaming down on the communal carpentry table, and a fireplace with blankets!  It’s quite exceptional! Oh, AND they have amazing desserts.  The small region of San Sabastian lies between Spain and France and it is this area that influences the pastries at Basque Bakery.  Mostly Spanish dessert done in a very traditional way using quality ingredients, some of which are imported.  Items behind the glass case change often, however, there are a few staples that will always be baked fresh and sold everyday.


The first pastry we tried was called an Amona Tart.  We loved this egg custard filled tart because it was just slightly sweet and very light.  The crust was thick, the perfect base for the fluffy custard.  The Amona tart would be perfect to enjoy at any time of day.  The next dessert was a Santiago Cake which is a very traditional spanish dessert made from almonds.  The cake, dusted in powdered sugar and topped with toasted almonds, was dense and extremely moist and chewy.   If you enjoy almonds this is a pastry for you because the flavoring is prominent.  Sticking to the almond theme, we also tasted the Basque cake .  This tart hadthe same delicious crust as the Amona tart but filled with a light yet flavorful almond pudding.  We absolutely LOVED the crust.  It is buttery, flakey, crunchy, and thick!  Perfection when mixed with the creamy pudding inside.



The hit of the tasting and of The Basque Bakery might just be the Torrija.  Made from freshly baked brioche bread, the slice is dipped in an egg mixture and coated in cinnamon and sugar.  You might think this would taste like the popular breakfast item, french toast, but it in fact does not!  It is served room temperature and is incredibly soft and creamy on the inside.  You simply won’t be able to resist this slice of sugary bread!

IMG_2166If that isn’t enough there is also a variety of homemade gelatos. The dulce de leche white chocolate is rich and creamy while the green apple just might surprise your senses with its crisp and refreshing taste.

Make your way down to The Basque Bakery soon and you’ll be sure to find fantastic desserts, homemade gelato, and a home away from home!








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