Buenos Angies Alfajores

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We love getting sweet treats delivered to the Bullets Over Broadway theatre!  Alfajores was the treat of the day!  Basically these cookies are Spanish butter cookies filled with dulce de leche (caramel).  We got ones with coconut and dipped in chocolate…Holla!!!  Buenos Angies is an artisan Alfajores company based in Queens.  Angie learned how to make them at the “Culinary Academy of my Momma,” so she says:-).  We love Momma school!  They definitely tasted like they were homemade.  Beth’s favorite was the chocolate dipped one and Amanda’s was the coconut.  How fitting, vanilla & chocolate.  The butter cookie was so crumbly and fresh, the dulce de leche was creamy and smooth.  These honkers were HUGE and generous as well.  The packaging was beautiful and the other Bullets Babes enjoyed them too.  Thanks for a delightful and classy treat Angie!

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