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We love our featured reader this week!  Congrats to our fellow Bullets Over Broadway babe, Kim Faure, our reader of the week!  She’s from Rockville, Maryland but has lived in New York for almost four years.  She’s had a consistent obsession with sweets for all her 26 years.  She’s also been known to eat a Reese’s out of the trash!  This lovely lady deverves a dessert passion award!  Read on for her answers to our five questions and go see us all in Bullets Over Broadway!!!  If you would like to be our reader of the week answer the questions below and email us and a photo of yourself to

1. What is your favorite dessert and why?

Chocolate ice cream with chunks of frozen peanut buetter and chocolate Jimmies in a cup from Dairy Maid in Rockport, MA.  After a day at the beach, there is nothing better…plus their size “small” is the size of your face.

2.  What is your favorite dessert in NYC?

A chocolate milkshake from Five Knapkin Burger.  I’ve tried one everywhere I’ve had a burger, but that’s my favorite.

3.  What is your favorite dessert from your hometown?

I grew up binging on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  I can still tell between one from a regular package and one from a king size package.  I actually wore Reese’s apparel to school to showcase my affinity for them.

4.  If you met a magical dessert genie that could grant you three dessert wishes what would they be?

1.  That chocolate and peanut butter would replace kale and tempeh and we’d have 8 bowls of ice cream a day instead of water.
2.  That I could spend a few years going all over the world trying desserts.
3.  That french people would get serious and put triple the amount of chocolate in their chocolate croissants.

5.  If you could be a dessert what would you be and why?

I’d be a Doughnut Plant doughnut so the Helene Yorke would love me forever.


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