Chocolate Therapy

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Chocolate Therapy…what a fitting name!  Who doesn’t need therapy in the form of chocolate?  That’s why we were so excited when our fellow Bullets Over Broadway cast member, Kelcy Griffin, told us her parents own a Boston-based chocolate shop, Chocolate Therapy!  Sent all the way from Boston to our Broadway dressing room, Chocolate Therapy made us special milk and dark chocolate “guns” and an assortment of their famous “sweet remedies.”  Their mission:  to provide healthy and therapeutic chocolates for the soul.  That is a mission we can get on board with!  The left side of the box was a line of milk & dark chocolate sea salt caramels.  These were out-of-this-world.  Seriously, they calmed our soul and took us to a place of chocolate meditation.  The caramel was soft and chewy, lingering in our mouths with every swallow.  The second row flavors included: Strawberry Balsamic, Pom Balm, and Milk Chocolate Raspberry.  We loved all of these.  The citrus fruit mixed with chocolate was refreshing, and the Pom Balm (pomegranate with mollasses and dark chocolate) blew our minds, exploding with fruit flavor  The next row were the Aristeaus, Chen Mai Chia, and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut.  The final row was Chocolate Fix, Honey Hops, and Coconut Sesame.  What we love is that the flavors were all very distinct and strong enough to enjoy yet not overwhelming.  Our rich sweet teeth were definitely satisfied by these truffles, as well as the adorable milk & dark chocolate guns.  You can’t help but notice the high quality and freshness of the chocolate as well.  Thanks so much for a delightful “10 minute break” in rehearsal Chocolate Therapy!  We will be back for another sweet fix or what you call a dose of therapy!

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