Brunch Doughnuts

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Doughnuts as an appetizer??!!  I’ll take it!  I recently had brunch for the first time at The Standard Grill with some friends who raved about the popular restaurant’s donuts.  Of course I had to try them…WOW.  They were like sugar coated clouds brought down from the heavens to our table.  There were two different kinds of the Brioche Donuts:  Cinnamon Sugar and Vanilla-Rum Custard.  We started with the cinnamon sugar (thinking we were just getting those).  They had just been fried and dusted in cinnamon and sugar.  The warm dough was pure bliss in my mouth.  I love that they are brioche because it created the perfect texture.  A mix between cake and yeast doughnuts, they were substantial yet light.  After our second course of a savory breakfast, we decided to go in for the kill and order the Vanilla-Rum Custard donuts.  This second round was even better!  The same donut but this time filled with smooth and creamy custard that just oozed out.  We couldn’t decide which were better so here’s my conclusion:  the Cinnamon Sugar are the perfect appetizer and the Vanilla-Rum Custard are the perfect dessert to any brunch!  BOTH!!!

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