Reader of the Week…Kristie Kerwin!

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Congrats to Kristie Kerwin, this week’s featured reader!  Kristie is from the San Francisco Bay area and currently lives in NYC.  She just finished traveling the USA in the national tour of Anything Goes.    She’s a singer/actor/dancer and loves to go for afternoon tea.  Fun fact, she grew up ice-skating (sometimes 4am sessions!) so maybe that’s why she likes ice cream so much!  Thanks for being an awesome reader Kristie!  Read on to find out her answers to our five questions.  If you would like to be our reader of the week answer the questions below and email us and a photo of yourself to

1. What is your favorite dessert and why?

My mom’s homemade mini pecan tarts.  They are so delicious!  They are bite-sized, sweet, and the little drizzle of chocolate on top makes them so indulgent and satisfying!

2.  What is your favorite dessert in NYC?

The chocolate frosting on Magnolia Bakery cupcakes.

3.  What is your favorite dessert from your hometown?

Aside from the pecan tarts, I would have to say a simple sliver of caramel filled Ghirardelli chocolate.

4.  If you met a magical dessert genie that could grant you three dessert wishes what would they be?

1.  I would wish for a Cro-nut, I haven’t tried one yet and hear they are delicious.
2.  I would ask the dessert Genie to make all seasonal desserts available year round- I love holiday themed desserts!
3.  I would ask the dessert Genie to give everyone in the world their favorite dessert.

5.  If you could be a dessert what would you be and why?

Vanilla ice-cream with lots of sweet surprises like caramels, chocolate, cookie dough bites, pecans, brown sugar and a chocolate covered strawberry on top.




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