We love Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!



Once again, our Body By Simone clients are amazing.  The owner of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brought us macarons right from the store!  Happy Holidays to us!  Coffee Bean makes and supplies their own baked goods and sweet treats.  That means nothing mass produced, everything made with love….and fresh.  No pre-packaged frozen stuff.  These were delightful!  I had the sprinkle one.  It tasted like Fruity Pebbles!!!   It made me so happy since it took me through nostalgic childhood memories of my favorite cereal.  That light and crisp outside and chewy inside, macarons are always delightful and PRETTY.  Check out Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s sweets and feel good about freshly made!  Thanks Nurit!

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    These are actually not “homemade” macarons. They are made by Dana’s Macarons. Still fantastic macarons but good for people to know they can be found at more locations than Coffee Beans

    A Macaron lover

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