I have been spending some time in San Francisco and most recently fell in love with Susie Cakes.  Susie Cakes is in the Marina district and is this tiny little bakery that has major street appeal.  I walked in and was immediately overwhelmed by all the dessert possibilities.  There were cakes, cookies, pies, you name it!  When my eyes caught sight of a vanilla funfetti cake my heart skipped a beat.  But, two cakes down was a very good looking marble cake with both chocolate and vanilla butter creams swirled and frosted on top. What to do?!  I simply HAD to try both slices.  Susie Cakes makes 6 layer cakes with frosting in between each of the 6 layers!  My Vanilla Celebration Cake was fit for any celebration, even if my party was just for happening on this delightful bakery.  The cake was irresistible; dense yet moist with a sweet vanilla flavor.  The funfetti added a crunchy texture, but is more there for fun and the buttercream was thick and sugary.  This slice may have given me five more cavities, but every bite was worth it!  The Classic Marble Cake was unreal.  Both chocolate and vanilla cakes swirled together with an addition of chocolate chips mixed into the cake batter.  The chocolate cake was deep and rich with a fudge consistency.  Each bite tasted like a chocolate cheesecake brownie to me.  The slice was first frosted in a chocolate buttercream and then had a topping of both vanilla and chocolate buttercream.  TWO LAYERS OF FROSTING, it was like my dream come true.  Susie Cakes is outstanding in every way.  I am only sad that I can’t go here every day for dessert!

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