Craftsman and Wolves


Craftsman and Wolves is a delightful bakery in San Francisco where everything is made homemade. From croissants to cookies, they freshly made goodies are to die for! It’s very hard not to want everything at Craftsman and Wolves so I kind of just ordered one of everything and left on a sugar high with three of their cookies for dessert later. The cookies were excellent, basically a perfect definition of what a cookie should be. The oatmeal raisin was probably my favorite. It was filled with oats, raisins, and dried apricots. There was a hint of sweetness, but it was so hearty that I almost felt like it was a healthy bowl of oatmeal. The chocolate chip was very gooey on the inside with a crisp outer edge. Last but not least was the ginger molasses which was super soft and chewy with a nice spicy after taste from the ginger. I loved the sugar crystals on top adding sweetness to the bitter molasses. Craftsman and Wolves is definitely a spot to hit up when in San Francisco.

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