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Ashley Steinhauer is a star cake maker!  Ashley is my best friend from home and I’ve always been astonished by her creative talent.  A long time career with Abercrombie & Fitch, Ash gave up the corporate life to stay at home with her adorable little girls (her baking elves).   Fitting for Ash, she took up cake making and applied her creative talents to fondant.  With an art degree from Ohio University, her knowledge goes beyond buttercream.  I ordered a holiday cake from Ash for Christmas this year and the end product was gorgeous (above left photo).  Everything she does is handmade and painted.  The top layer of the cake was gingerbread and the bottom was vanilla.  The cake was heaven, thick and soft.  The flavor was just enough, especially the gingerbread.  Ash + Cakes can ship anywhere in the USA and custom orders are more than welcome!  Order one of her beautiful creations through email: or her Facebook page.  You won’t be disappointed!




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