Why have to choose just one??!!


There’s a new kind of cheesecake experience in town and that’s Miss NiNi’s Fine Desserts.  Miss NiNi bakes some seriously good cheesecake and you have your choice of FOUR different kinds.  Whew, that takes care of the hard decision to make AND let’s you sample different kinds!  Miss NiNi sent us a delectable sampler of our choice.  We chose Peanut Butter Fudge (front center), Pumpkin Praline (right), Best of the Best Lemon (left), and Caramel Chocolate Chunk (top).  I just love platters!  The PB Fudge was thick and rich, just like fudge but awesome from how cold it was.  The Pumpkin Prailine was soft and full of spice.  The crumbly praline/brown sugar top reminded me of sweet potato casserole top or pecan pie.  The Lemon was light and tangy, the perfect palate cleanser.  The Caramel Chocolate Chunk had this chocolate crust that was chewy and rich covered in caramel and chocolate chunks.  Overall they were rich and  satisfying making the perfect gift, party dessert, and more.  Let me tell you, we’ve had a lot of cheesecake and NiNi’s is definitely high on the list.  Her recipes have been perfected, won many awards, and can be shipped all over the USA .  Well, NiNi’s won an award fro Just Desserts NYC!


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