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If you are addicted to the doughnut craze like we are then get into The Doughnut Bar.  Doughnut Bar believes in using fresh seasonal ingredients for all their doughnut creations which usually lean toward salty/sweet combinations.  Pictured above is their Milk Candy and Chocolate Wasted doughnuts.  Below is a picture of the Pineapple Express Habanero doughnut.   Right now Doughnut Bar is a very small two person operation, selling only through email.  However they hope to have a website up by early 2014 for doughnut lovers to order online.  Some of their other flavors are Bacon Maple Bars, Prosciutto with toasted pear and olive oil, and Sliced Antra with gold raisin compote over cheesecake whip.  Sounds quite enticing, no?!  Troy Neal, one of the brains behind the dough, can be reached at for orders.  Sounds like a perfectly delicious holiday gift to us!

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