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Scrumtious Pantry sent us a sample of their Heirloom Fruit Curd Lingonberry.  I’m always for a nice spread and this one was beyond special.  Lingonberries are grown in the wild of the northern hemisphere.  “For our Heirloom Fruit Curd, we use wild, foraged Lingonberries from Alaska, Washington and British Columbia. We carefully blend the fruit with Organic Valley butter, organic egg yolk, organic sugar and just a hint of organic lemon juice and pectin. A luscious spread you can enjoy for breakfast on a scone or use in trifle for an elegant dessert.”  Talk about made to the highest quality possible.  I was in a hurry the other day and wanted a nice snack, so I grabbed this jar of delightfulness and toasted some gluten free cinnamon raisin bread.  Spread on top, this fruit curd was creamy and tart.  I’d never tasted anything like it, probably because lingonberries are grown in the wild, therefore, next to impossible since I live in a cement jungle.  I loved it!  What a great spread for anything.  They even suggest a recipe on the website, Lingonberry Curd Cupcakes.  I highly recommend this delightful spread for something different on that toast, scone, pancake, or any other delicious treat.  You can find it online or at Whole Foods Market.  Thanks Scrumptious Pantry!

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