Pomme Palais at The Palace



I fully believe that desserts made with love and cheer taste the best.  Master Pastry Chef, Michel Richard, does just that at Pomme Palais, a new delightful  pastry shop in The Palace.  At a recent cake tasting, I was lucky enough to try the Charlotte Cake, Lemon Eggceptional Cake, Tart au Pomme, Orange Crème Brûlée Cheesecake, Chocolate Fleur d’Automne, Opera Cake, Macaron Cake, and Michel’s Snowman.  That was a lot but so worth it!  My favorite was the Tart au Pomme (which was Michel’s favorite as well!).  On a light puff pastry with thin slices of caramlized apple, pastry cream, and then topped with sugar, this tart was above and beyond anything I’d had in the pastry world.  I never though I would be choosing this apple dessert over cake EVER in my life, but it was amazing.  The apples were soft and full of sugar and spices.  The puff pastry reminded me of crispy phyllo dough.  Light and fulfilling.



A close second was the Macaron Cake.  A macaron cake???  WHAT???  An almond vanilla sponge cake layered with chocolate mousse, coated with dark chocolate and decorated with macarons for playful color and texture.  The cake was soft and dense and the top chocolate layer was thick like fudge.  The mousse was light and creamy and the macaron’s chewiness was a nice play with the overall texture.  My next favorite was the Chocolate Fleur d’Automne. I mean, look at that giant chocolate flower on top!!!  I’m a chocoholic and this fulfills all the richness I could ask for.  The center was full of almond meringue and chocolate mousse.  I LOVED the almond meringue.  It was crunchy/chewy and the nut butter/chocolate combo was heaven.



Lastly, Michel’s Snowman was adorable and super cool.  You can buy this big guy, take it home, and stuff it with whatever you want before you crack in to it.  A great holiday gift (only $20), it’s perfect for kids of all ages.  This one was stuffed with chocolate mousse.  I would totally be stuffing it with ice cream to go with the “snowman” cold theme.  It was fun to crack it open and enjoy!  Pomme Palais is slice of deliciousness and a true “palace in the big apple!”


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