Order dinner in AND order dessert in…a pizza box!



Whenever I don’t want to go outside in bad weather or bake something BUT I need a good dessert, I order from Insomnia Coookies!  This compnay was started by a college student that would bake and deliver cookies to his fellow students late at night because who doesn’t want warm homemade cookies at night???!!!  Insomnia was born and has expanded all over the country.  I’m happy to say I’m a devoted customer and fan of this joint.  The cookies are classic, like your mom made, and they are delivered WARM and gooey in a pizza box.  I got my favorite, the S’mores cookie, chocolate chunk, double chocolate chunk, and Peanut Butter Cup.  You guys, these are so fulfilling and perfect with a glass of milk.  Best news, they deliver until 3AM!!!!  It’s Friday night which means maybe it’s cookie night!

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