Great Tasting Energy Candy!



Energems is a fantastic chocolate candy that is filled with caffeine, B-Vitamins and a unique energy blend.  Only 15 calories each, these chocolates can enhance your energy, focus, and concentration.  I put Energems to the test this morning before teaching my fitness classes at Body By Simone.  I popped in one peanut butter Energem and went to work.  The candy is not only delicious, tastes like a pumped up larger version of an M&M, but it works!  I noticed an increase in my energy and focus.  Three “gems” equals one energy drink or cup of coffee and there are three servings in each box.  Energems are available in three flavors: chocolate, mint, and peanut butter.  The candy was created specifically for people who are on-the-go and need a quick boost of energy during the day.  They come in a small, thin box that can fit anywhere.  It’s quick and tasty-no need to gulp down those sugary energy drinks anymore.  We are hug fans of this new candy and highly suggest carrying a box in your purse or workout bag.  Order online here!


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