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Quality Italian is the sister restaurant to Quality Meats, one of my favorite restaurants in NYC especially for dessert! I sat at the bar and enjoyed an amazing Italian feast, refreshing beverages, and sparkling conversation with the bartender Troy! Cory Colton, the original pastry chef at Quality Meats, has done it again with innovative gelato and authentic desserts at Quality Italian. We tried the chocolate & olive oil cake with nougat semifreddo, the ricotta crepes with poached pears, and the coffee crumb bun gelato.  My favorite out of the three was the ricotta crepes. These crepes really took me by surprise!  They were filled with a whipped ricotta cheese that was both light, yet filling.  The poached pears on top added a hint of sweetness to every bite.  The crepe itself was a perfect thickness, super chewy with slightly crispy edges.  A pistachio gelato sat on the side that literally tasted like I had just put a handful of pistachios in my mouth.  quality-italian-coffee-crumb-gelato

The coffee crumb bun gelato, an excellent choice for coffee lovers, was my second favorite.  The gelato is made with Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee giving it a dark, rich flavor.  Huge chunks of crumb bun pieces were mixed throughout and placed on top.  These chunks were fantastic I could have eaten a bowl full of them!  Tiny pieces and large chunks of candied walnuts were adorning the mound of gelato completing this scrumptious scoop!  Last but not least the chocolate olive oil cake with nougat semifreddo was extremely rich from the chocolate but had an essence of olive oil that took me a bit to get used to.  The semifreddo I loved, creamy and dense topped with chopped pistachios for a nutty flavor.  From start to finish Quality Italian is a quality meal.  I can not wait to go back for more of everything!

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