Free Cupcakes!!


If you already love the popular restaurant Dallas BBQ like I do, then you are going to love them even more.  What started off as a limited costumer appreciation reward is now an indefinite FREE cupcake at the end of your meal from Tonnies Minis!  This may be one of the best partnerships ever!  For a restaurant like Dallas BBQ to never have a dessert menu was a big problem in my book.  Now at the end of your meal red velvet cupcakes are brought to the table as a thank you for dining!  I want to say “thank you” Dallas BBQ for such an incredible idea! The best thing about Tonnies Mini’s is that they aren’t “mini” at all!  It’s a regular sized cupcake!  This is NOT a quarter sized cupcake that you eat in one bite.  My cupcake had an extra creamy cream cheese frosting that was thick and slightly chilled.  The cake, a vibrant shade of red, was moist and dense.  It was the perfect ending to a fabulous meal!  Have you had your free cupcake yet?!

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