An Adult Willy Wonka



We were recently sent some delicious and beautiful boxes of candy from Sugarfina, an adult Willy Wonka candy experience.  The stunning boxes are closed magnetically and the presentation is lovely.  There was one fruity and one chocolate box.  Heaveny sours, apricot hearts, queen of hearts, and peach sweethearts filled the fruity box.  Our favorite were the sour chews.  There were multiple fruit flavors, not too sour, and they were easily chewed.  In the chocolate box were dark chocolate toffee almonds, dark chocolate coffee toffee, peanut butter toffee balls, and milk chocolate bacon toffee.  Our favorite was the peanut butter toffee.  The balls were PB coffered toffee crisps dusted with confectiioners sugar.  The PB was so creamy and soft, and the light crunch from the toffee made the texture a perfect balance.  This candy company was started with by a couple that loves candy.  You can tell their attention to detail in the packaging.  “Fina” is italian for fine quality…that’s what you get with Sugarfina.  You can create custom boxes…perfect for gifts baby showers, weddings, and birthdays.  They even have cocktail candy!   This is a treat that will make everyone smile!

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