A perfect chocolate souffle


Bistro Chat Noir is a hidden gem located on the Upper East Side.  This French restaurant is fantastic in every way.  It has excellent food, service, ambiance, and appeal.  The owner, Suzanne, immediately suggested ordering the chocolate souffle when I inquired about the dessert menu.  It needs to be ordered early because it takes thirty minutes to cook.  Well, to my surprise a large, hot chocolate souffle arrived at my table right after the dinner plates were cleared, and I could barely contain my excitement.  I haven’t seen a souffle this big in a while and it was beautifully bubbled up and dusted with powdered sugar.  On the side was a creme anglaise sauce that I poured onto the souffle soaking into the chocolate.  The texture of the souffle was perfection, a bit cakey on top with a pudding-like soft inside.  It was rich and fudgey, a chocolate lovers dream!!  It’s not often that I have a souffle that is full of flavor and absolutely divine, but Bistro Chat Noir changed that in every way.



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