A new Italian winebar opened right in my neighborhood and I could not be more excited!!!  I’ve lived in East Harlem for seven years and finally a fantastic restaurant is outside my door.  Damore Caffe & Winebar is run by two Italian gentleman that are not only the bartenders but also the chefs.  They have created the whole menu, which is absolutely authentic and delicious, and bake all the homemade Italian desserts.  I ordered the basil mascarpone cheesecake due to their recommendation and because it was something that sounded extremely unique.  To my surprise a complimentary panna cotta with mixed berry compote also arrived!  Both desserts were fantastic, a wonderful surprise!  The cheesecake was both sweet and savory.  It was set on a salted white cookie crust that was very tasty and crunchy.  I loved the actual cheesecake.  It had a think and dense but soft.  The basil, a different ingredient for cheesecake, was refreshing and complimented the sweet mascarpone cheese nicely.  On the side was a small scoop of homemade chocolate ganache which is never a bad side!  I could have had a bowl full of this ganache alone as my dessert!  The panna cotta was a nice contrast to the cheesecake.  It was cold and creamy covered with a fresh mixed berry sauce.  Every bite was light and refreshing.  This dessert was served in a coffee cup making it the perfect size to enjoy after your meal.  Damore is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and a must try for any New Yorker!

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